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Tara Djokic
Doctor/ Research Officer (Palaeontology)
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Australian Museum Geoscience and Archaeology 1 William St, Sydney NSW, 2010 Australia
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Tara Djokic completed her PhD with the Australian Centre for Astrobiology at University of New South Wales in 2019. Tara's research interests are vast.  Tara's current research involves characterising early life on Earth and the environmental settings that accompany this early life, but she is also interested in solar system formation and have a particular interest in science communication, science education and anything related to communicating scientific ideas in interesting and innovative ways.


Her PhD work focused on stromatolites from the Archean Dresser Formation of the Pilbara, Western Australia (ACA, UNSW). Currently, she has a position at the Australian Museum in Sydney where she is investigating the palaeoenvironment of a terrestrial ecosystem from Cenozoic deposits of Australia.


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