The Australian Centre for Astrobiology

The Australian Centre for Astrobiology was founded by Prof. Malcolm Walter in July 2001 at Macquarie University, and then moved to the University of New South Wales in 2008. It is the only centre of astrobiological research in Australia and is an Associate Member of the NASA Astrobiology Institute, one of only two in the world. The ACA also has close links with the European Space Agency and other international space agencies and institutions around the world.


Doing real science can transform how we think

The ACA’s Isabelle Kingsley needed to confess: she was a science teacher who didn’t understand how science is done For long, science was taught to be about cold hard facts. We learnt these facts in lectures and textbooks. We wrote them down and remembered them. But scientists had discovered these cold hard facts by flying kites or sitting under apple trees.

Upcoming event by ACA member A/Prof Brendan Burns

Rocking the Cradle of Life: Join A/Prof Brendan Burns to hear about how his astrobiology group at UNSW is studying the origin of complex life using the stromatolites, ‘living rocks’, of Shark Bay in Western Australia as a model environment.