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Stefano Caruso
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In the framework of the ARC Discovery Project titled 'A terrestrial hot spring setting for the origin of life?', I investigate the geological, geochemical, and metallogenic aspects of the 3.48 billion-year-old Dresser Caldera in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. This work aims at understanding the 4-dimensional evolution of the hydrothermal system that developed within the Dresser Caldera. It focuses on the study of the alteration imparted by hydrothermal fluids to the host-rocks through a combination of field mapping, whole-rock, X-ray powder diffraction, and stable Li and B isotope analyses of newly collected samples. This large and multi-disciplinary dataset is translated into a holistic model able to (i) constrain the conditions at which metals and other relevant elements were mobilised, and (ii) identify the structural and geochemical settings that allowed the growth of stromotilites within the Dresser Formation.



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