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Scarlett Li-Williams
MPhil Candidate
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School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences (BEES), UNSW
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Scarlett recenty completed her Bachelor’s degree in Molecular and Cell Biology at UNSW (2020). Her masters research focuses on biodiversity measures for molecular ecology and using bioinformatics tools for genetic analysis for management of invasive deer populations in Australia.




Scarelett is the founder and team lead of Science and Agriculture Applications in Space (SAAS) Missions

SAAS is a team comprising of undergraduate and postgraduate students, founded at UNSW by her in 2018, the team has student members from a variety of universities in Sydney. The goal as a team is to conduct research projects of biological systems in space, whilst students learn how to apply their knowledge and conduct scientific research, program satellites, and build physical payload environments. The SAAS team has a large focus on hands-on, self- taught education through conducting independent research as the students that contribute to science. The SAAS team is composed of students majoring in a variety of fields including computer science, engineers, ecology, medical sciences, business and more. The research focus currently includes plant and agricultural growth in space conditions, including symbiotic relationships on the International Space Station, seeing effects of microgravity on plant health and plant survival mechanisms in rocket payloads.

Current key members:

Yasmin Akhtar

David Dor

Alexander Ingall

Pearl Lei

James Lu


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