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Richard Allen White III
Post-doctoral researcher - Washington State University
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Rick is currently working as a senior post-doc at Washington State University and has been collaborating with Brendan Burns for over six years, working on the Shark Bay mat systems together. He has acted as an excellent mentor for several graduate students from the Burns lab. Rick has extensive experience in analysis of ‘big data’ from a range of environments including marine, freshwater, soil, and human. All of his research has an ecological focus and he has also developed a range of bioinformatic skills and pipelines to analyse massive datasets generated through next generation technology. In particular he has developed a sophisticated platform for optimization of sequencing procedures, including absolute calibration of DNA/RNA libraries for NextGen sequencing that was lodged as a US patent. Furthermore, Dr White has developed a novel bioinformatics pipeline, ATLAS (automatic tool for local assembly structures), which is a modular pipeline for gene prediction, annotation, quantification, and binning genomes.



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