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Rob Wittenmyer
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Toowoomba Campus, University of South Queensland, Queensland, Australia
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I am a Professor in the Centre for Astrophysics.  My research focuses on the detection and characterisation of extrasolar planets.  Some current projects are (1) the determination of the true underlying population of Jupiter-like planets from the 15-year Anglo-Australian Planet Search, (2) search for planets orbiting evolved stars more massive than the Sun (Pan-Pacific Planet Search), (3) dynamical stability testing of candidate multiple-planet systems, and (4) the "Minerva" project - a 4-telescope facility dedicated to finding the smallest planets around the brightest stars.

Before starting a postdoc at UNSW in 2008, I did my PhD at the University of Texas - Austin, leading a radial-velocity search for additional planets in known single-planet systems.




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