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Peter Wilson
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Currently Peter is employed as Director of Special Projects with Southern Cross University.  He is also Owner and Executive Director of Otago Osmometers Ltd, an instrumentation company in Dunedin which is a manufacturer of specialty scientific instruments, building the world’s only nanolitre osmometer, which sets the standard today to measure osmolality of nanolitre liquid volumes.  


Peters qualifications include a DSc from Roskilde University, Denmark, for work on antifreeze proteins, a PhD from Otago in Physics and MSc in Electronics, also from Otago.


Peter’s previous Employment includes Associate Dean (Global Engagement) at the University of Tasmania and Director of the  Global 30 Program at the University of Tsukuba in Japan.  In 2018, Peter was a Visiting Distinguished Professor with the University South Florida.  He has also been a Research Associate and Professor at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD for many years. 


Research has mainly centered on ice and freezing tolerance and avoidance, both in biology and on surfaces. Perter has spent many seasons in Antarctica, under NSF funding, looking at the so called antifreeze proteins found in the fish, algae and also insects.  Other research collaborations include with Kyoto Institute of Technology, around slippery, superhydrophobic coatings.  


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