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Matthew Davie
PhD candidate
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Department: Astrophysics Research Group: Exoplanetary Science at UNSW
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PhD Candidate

My research is re-examining the seventeen years of spectra obtained by the Anglo-Australian Planet Search. Having theoretically found what planets there may be about the stars observed by this programme, the spectra have been used for little else. I am in the process of converting the images of spectra to calibrated one-dimensional spectra, and decontaminating them of the Iodine used for wavelength calibration. Once this is done they should provide a great opportunity so examine the environment around planet-hosting stars in terms of stellar activity and variability and to better understand the composition of the stellar systems we consider to be most like our own.

My supervisors are Chris Tinney and Rob Wittenmyer.
I came from a degree and industrial experience in food and biochemistry to return to university and completed another degree and an MSc in astronomy involving a thesis studying variable stars at the University of Canterbury.


Research Interests: 

  • Stellar Variability

  • Spectroscopy

  • Exoplanets

  • Asteroseismology


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