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Franco Pirajno
Doctoral deg. in Geological Sciences
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Geological Survey of Western Australia
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Franco Pirajno, has a PhD equivalent (Doctoral degree in Geological Sciences) from the Vesuvius Volcano Observatory, University Federico II of Naples and is currently a geoscientist in the Minerals Geoscience 
Resources section of the Geological Survey of Western Australia (GSWA). Franco has considerable experience in tectonics, ore deposit geology and mineral exploration in Australia, Europe, southern Africa, South East Asia, New Zealand, the southwest Pacific, China, Greenland, southern and eastern Siberia.


Prior to joining the GSWA in 1993, Franco worked for the Anglo American Corporation of South Africa Ltd, as Exploration Geologist, following a spell as a post-doctoral research scientist at the Vesuvius Volcano Observatory. Whilst with Anglo American, he participated and supervised exploration projects in many parts of southern Africa, Australia, New Zealand, the South West Pacific islands and Indonesia. Promoted to Exploration Manager of the Company’s activities in the South West Pacific till 1983, when he was appointed to the Chair of Economic Geology at Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa.

In the last 20 years Franco Pirajno has worked extensively in Western Australia’s Proterozoic terranes and was instrumental in the discovery of a new large igneous province in Australia. Visiting Professor at Peking University in 2003 and China University of Geosciences, Beijing in 2004. Distinguished Foreign Professor at Hefei University of Technology, September-October 2012. Appointed Chairperson of SEG Fellowship Admissions Committee for 2009-2011. Associate Editor 2008-2014 for the Australian Journal of Earth Sciences, on the Editorial Board of Russian Geology and Geophysics and Lithos. Appointed Editor-in-Chief of Ore Geology Reviews in March 2012 and Series Editor of Solid Earth Sciences (Springer) in November 2012. Member of the Steering Committee of the Large Igneous Provinces Working Group.

Supervised and/or reviewed 58 MSc and PhD theses. Published more than 165 peer-reviewed papers, four books, three chapters in edited books and twenty geological maps, in addition to 68 company reports, while working with Anglo American Corporation.

Current honorary appointments include: Adjunct Professor at Centre for Exploration Targeting (University of Western Australia). Research Associate at the Australian Centre for Astrobiology, University of New South Wales, Sydney and Honorary Research Fellow at CERCAMS (Centre for Russian and Central EurAsian Mineral Studies), Natural History Museum, London. Nominated highest cited author by Thomson-Reuter for 2011 in Economic Geology at University of Western Australia


•    Studies of regional tectonics and metallogeny
•    Studies of hydrothermal systems and alteration patterns
•    Ancient and recent volcanic systems and related mineralisation
•    Conceptual modelling of ore deposit systems
•    Meteorite impacts and related hydrothermal systems
•    Analogues of hydrothermal systems on other planets of the Solar System
•    Mantle plumes and large igneous provinces

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