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Duncan Wright
Senior Lecturer
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Toowoomba Campus, University of South Queensland Queensland, Australia
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I am a senior lecturer at University of  South Queensland and a former ARC Super Science Fellow who worked on the Exoplanetary Science project in the Astronomy Department in the School of Physics under Professor Chris Tinney at UNSW. I worked on developing and using a new reduction algorithm for high-precision velocities with the CYCLOPS fibre bundle on UCLES on the Anglo-Australian Telescope. In addition I have also led the search for habitable-zone rocky exoplanets orbiting nearby M Dwarf stars.

Prior to my work at UNSW I was working at the Royal Observatory of Belgium (2008-2010) on the relationship between rotation and non-radial pulsation in the main-sequence gravity-mode non-radially pulsating gamma Doradus and slowly pulsating B (SPB) type stars.

My PhD was on a spectroscopic study of a beta Cephei and gamma Doradus type stars at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand (2004-2008).



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