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I'm a Professor and Discovery Outstanding Researcher at the University of New South Wales, where I head the Exoplanetary Science at UNSW group, within the Australian Centre for Astrobiology, physically located within the School of Physics.


My group currently hosts two faculty, four post-doctoral researchers and three graduate students, working on projects ranging from the search for exoplanets orbiting Sun-like main sequence stars (the Anglo-Australian Planet Search), the search for exoplanets around evolved stars more massive than the Sun (Rob Wittenmyer's Pan-Pacific Planet Search), a high intensity search for terrestrial-mass planets orbiting the two components of the nearest star (alpha Cen A and B), direct imaging observations of already known long-period companions to Anglo-Australian Planet Search stars, follow-up of transit candidates from the HAT-South planet search, and hunting for planetary-mass methane dwarfs in nearby young star clusters.

We are also actively pursuing new technologies for searching for exoplanets - especially the use of image slicing fibre technologies for improving spectrograph performance, the use of astrophotonic technologies for removing spatial information from the entrance apertures of astronomical spectrographs, and breaking the current cost-paradigms for high-resolution spectrographs on large aperture telescopes.

We work closely with colleagues across the Australian Centre for Astrobiology to examine the impacts of our exoplanetary discoveries on the question of habitable environments outside the Solar System - especially with the members of Prof. Jeremy Bailey's Planetary Science group, here within the Astrophysics Department.

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