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Associate Professor Carol Oliver is a science communication researcher and education-focused academic interested in the way we educate online, particularly in science communication and in the origin of life on Earth and the search for life elsewhere in the solar system and beyond. She co-leads the UNSW Online Learning and Innovation Community of Practice and has five online courses, two of them teaching astrobiology. Carol has a special interest in building and using astrobiology-related Virtual Field Trips, pioneering the first astrobiology VFT in 2007 with NASA Learning Technologies.  She is currently collaborating within UNSW and internationally to enable more academics and students to develop their own VFTs. See the Australian sites here!



Carol is also a PLuS Alliance Fellow, focusing on innovation in global education in the partnership between UNSW, Arizona State University and Kings College London. As a member of the Australian Academy of Sciences’ influential National Committee on Space and Radio Sciences, Carol is active in Government policy on space and in formulating a Decadal Plan on behalf of the Australian space community. She is an elected full member of the International Academy of Astronautics for her international services to space education.

Carol is active in astrobiology-related education and outreach, the most notable success being the largest Mars Yard in the southern hemisphere in the public space, located at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney between 2011 and 2020, attracting substantial funding. To visit her personal website click here.



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