Albert Fahrenbach

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Albert Fahrenbach
ACA Assistant Director, Lecturer
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Dr. Albert Fahrenbach Science and Engineering Building Office 719 School of Chemistry, UNSW
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Deputy Directors

Albert is a lecturer in the school of chemistry.


He is interested in origins of life chemistry, including chemical evolution, reaction networks, prebiotic synthesis of RNA and peptides, and nonenzymatic RNA replication. Him and his group seeks to develop experimental and theoretical models for understanding the potential chemistry that may have occurred on the Earth soon after its formation.  


Dr Fahrenbach is particularly interested in developing and understanding the chemical evolution of reaction networks that start from humble beginnings (ie. small molecules thought to be available on the early Earth) which yield complex mixtures that contain molecules of interest, such as amino acids, ribonucleotides, and their precursors. Albert's exploration of reaction network mechanisms for RNA and peptide polymerisation can provide us the opportunity to understand how Darwinian evolution may have come to take over chemical evolution. 



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