ACA Management Committee

  • ACA Assistant Director; Senior Lecturer

    Dr Burns has expertise in the study of stromatolite communities. Of particular significance, Dr Burns conducted the first polyphasic study of... More

  • ACA Assistant Director; Professor

    Prof. Pall Thordarson (Palli) obtained his BSc. from U. Iceland in 1996 and a PhD in Organic Chemistry from the University of Sydney in 2001.... More


UNSW Members

  • Professor

    My current research is mostly in planetary astronomy including observations of solar system objects, extrasolar planets, and modelling of... More

  • ARC QEII Fellow

    My research focuses on microbes (Bacteria, Archaea and microbial Eukaryotes), primarily from marine environments, and how they interact with each... More

  • Lecturer

    Michael is a lecturer in astronomy and physics in the Department of Astrophysics at UNSW. His research revolves around applying the techniques of... More

  • Doctor

    My research is focused on the composition of extrasolar terrestrial planets and how "Earth-like" they are. Should we expect to see many... More

  • Associate Professor

    President of the Academic Board at the University of New South Wales


  • Senior Lecturer

    Dr Maria Cunningham has research interests in radio astronomy, molecular line astronomy and bioastronomy. She is currently working on several... More

  • Senior Lecturer

    Dr Ferrari's major interest is in microbial diversity of soil bacteria and the development of novel culturing approaches for the hitherto... More

  • Scientia Professor

    My research interests include a number of challenging problems in atomic, nuclear, elementary particle, solid state physics and astrophysics:... More

  • I have a special interest in big data and the potential to glean meaningful insights from them to inform decision making, especially in the field... More

  • Doctor

    I am an ARC Super Science Fellow in Exoplanetary Science in the department of Astrophysics and Optics of the School of Physics at UNSW under... More

  • ARC DECRA Fellow and Lecturer

    My heart lies in Materials Chemistry, but I am becoming more interested in understanding how materials are formed. With this I am keen on... More

  • Professor

    Prof Sherwood has co-authored over 60 papers published in peer reviewed journals. His 2005 Science paper on atmospheric warming was covered... More

  • Management Committee ACA / Professor

    I'm a Professor and Discovery Outstanding Researcher at the University of New South Wales, where I head the... More

  • Founding ACA Director

    Malcolm Walter is the Founding Director of the Australian Centre for Astrobiology. He has worked for 35 years on the geological evidence of early... More

  • Professor

    I lead the observational work at UNSW using high resolution spectroscopy of quasars to search for variations in the fundamental constants of... More

  • Lecturer

    I am a Lecturer in the School of Physics, and a member of the UNSW Exoplanetary Science team.  My research focuses on the detection and... More

  • Doctor

    I am an ARC Super Science Fellow working on the Exoplanetary Science project in the Astronomy Department in the School of Physics under... More

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