Latest Publications

Hydrothermal alteration at the Panorama Formation, North Pole Dome, Pilbara Craton, Western Australia - Adrian J. Brown a,∗, Thomas J. Cudahy b,c, Malcolm R. Walter c
Characterization of c.3.5 billion-year-old organic matter - Marshall, Allwood, Love, Walter and Summons
The Ediacaran Period: a new addition to the geologic time scale - ANDREW H. KNOLL, MALCOLM R. WALTER, GUY M. NARBONNE AND NICHOLAS CHRISTIE-BLICK
Extraction of DNA from Acidic, Hydrothermally Modified Volcanic Soils - Ruth M. Henneberger, Malcolm R. Walter, and Roberto P. Anitori
Raman spectroscopy reveals thermal palaeoenvironments of c.3.5 billion-year-old organic matter - Abigail C. Allwood a, Malcolm R. Walter a, Craig P. Marshall b,*
Three "first places" for Ediacaran Period - Knoll, Walter, Narbonne and Christie-Blick
A New Period for the Geologic Time Scale - Andrew H. Knoll, Malcolm R. Walter, Guy M. Narbonne, Nicholas Christie-Blick