Latest Publications

Geobiology of the late Paleoproterozoic Duck Creek Formation, Western Australia - onathan P. Wilsona,b,∗, Woodward W. Fischerb, David T. Johnstona, Andrew H. Knollc, John P. Grotzingerb, Malcolm R. Waltere, Neal J. McNaughtoni, Mel Simond, John Abelsond, Daniel P. Schraga, Roger Summonsf, Abigail Allwoodg, Miriam Andresh, Crystal Gammo
Trace elements record depositional history of an Early Archean stromatolitic carbonate platform - Abigail C. Allwood a,c,⁎, Balz S. Kamber b, Malcolm R. Walter c, Ian W. Burch c, Isik Kanik a
test - West, Clarke, Thomas, Walter and Pain
Modern analogues and the early history of microbial life - Brendan P. Burns a,b , Roberto Anitori b,c,1 , Philip Butterworth b,c , Ruth Henneberger b,c,3 , Falicia Goh a,2 , Michelle A. Allena, Raquel Iban ̃ez-Peralc, Peter L. Bergquistc,4, Malcolm R. Waltera,b,∗, Brett A. Neilana,b
Outback Search for Life on Mars - Oliver, Carol; Walter, Malcolm
NanoSIMS: Insights to biogenicity and syngeneity of Archaean carbonaceous structures - Dorothy Z. Oehler a,∗ , Franc ̧ ois Robert b , Malcolm R. Walter c , Kenichiro Sugitani d , Abigail Allwood e , Anders Meibomb, Smail Mostefaouib, Madeleine Selob, Aurélien Thomenb, Everett K. Gibsona
Potential Use of Quantum Dots in Flow Cytometry - Raquel Ibáñez-Peral 1,*, Peter L. Bergquist 1, 2, Malcolm R. Walter 3,§ Moreland Gibbs 1, Ewa M. Goldys 4 and Belinda Ferrari 1, 5